These days a strange feeling strikes me at times :

Why boys around now seems less promising than the boys in my high school.

Of course I don’t think this is the fact. But why I feel so?

I got a reasonable explaination:

We are defined more clearly than before.

In high school we don’t know what we will be,how far we would go.

But now ,we are defined by our major.

A major is so narrow that it keeps our mind in a narrow world.

Some one tells me that this is the fact in our university.

Really? what is a university?

Google says :University is derived from the Latin universitas, meaning corporation .

We can not define ourselves too early ,especially in such a narrow way.

We must make our knowledge universal first.

DO not restrict yourself in one major , get out of it and learn more. Make all your knowledge

cooperate together , then , you are a unviersity student , the one who is so promising!



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